Buying Our First Home

The first thing we did when we found out we were moving back home from Germany was call family! Eek, how freaking exciting this all was. Germany is great, and we can’t wait to come back to Europe but living there just wasn’t our jam–so many others love it and never want to leave though.

The second thing we did was look at houses around the area; renting and buying. We ultimately (after changing our minds a few times) decided to buy. The hunt began. We found a bunch of houses we liked, but this one house stood out to us. It was an old Victorian house–can’t you just feel the charm and character without even seeing it??? This house was it for us. THE ONE. We talked to a few people who were close to us, then asked a few other people what’s they’d choose: an old Victorian with LOADS of character or a newer house. The poll results slapped us in the face with a reality check. They were all right, our first home should be a lovely move in ready home with minimal cosmetic needs. Not a fixer upper that will suck our bank accounts dry–it was hard to read because we literally loved that house. A couple people said they’d chose charm over newer any day–those comments kept the house in the running.

Our realtor set up other houses to see and put the old Victorian right in the middle of the them, we died with anticipation. The houses that were set up for us to see really weren’t houses we liked, so I sent our realtor an email with a bunch of Plan B’s….probably sounding really mean actually. (Oops) We saw them and then the last house we saw we were not excited at all, we were being so salty about it. Then they walked in–oh did I mention we were house hunting online, like not actually seeing these houses in real life. *gasp* So anyway, they walk in with us on FaceTime and my husband and I both look at each other with that look–the look of “okay, wait…we really like this house.”

I prayed that night asking God to help us choose the right house, I mean this is the biggest decision we will make our whole life. I asked Him to redirect my heart because we loved that old Victorian SO MUCH. We went back and forth with our choice a couple times, then choosing the newer house just felt easy. I had this feeling of content wash over me and that’s how I knew this was the house for us.

So in the end we chose a safe option, but we believe it was the best option to go with. It’s open floor plan so I can be in the kitchen and see the girls playing, it’s got a storm shelter (because we live in Oklahoma) AND it has a garage–we’ve never had a garage before. *insert all the heart eyes* We saw the house in person and loved it! We are so excited to start making memories together.

Today is Friday. Today we bought a house. A freaking house!!! Cheers to the freaking weekend and life as new homeowners! Oh and today is also Lauren’s first day of swim lessons, I mean what an exciting day of firsts for us all!

Lord, I ask that you protect this home and everyone who enters it. Let there be hearts full of love, kindness, and patience along with everlasting memories made. God, I pray for each of our kids to know you more as they grow, and let this be a safe place for us all to lay our heads at night. Thank you for allowing us to grow our lives closer to each other by owning our first home together and lead us each day closer to you.

Here’s us, engaged to be married, signing our first lease together

Here’s us signing our first mortgage loan together, 3 years married and 2 kids later! God is good!

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