Dairy-Free Chicken Pot Pie

I need to find a new dinner prep method, because the one I’ve got going on stinks…

Every day my husband gets home around 5, and I ask him what he wants for dinner. His response always–“I don’t know” or “I actually haven’t thought of it yet”. Every time. So those moms out there who have their ish together holler at a sister because I’m drowning in the meal planning department.

Well I got our 3 month old to sleep last night at a good 7:30, and my husband was working on our 2 year old. Which oh.by.the.way has been a freaking nightmare to get to bed.

So the whole time Kyle was getting our toddler to sleep, I was in the kitchen making dinner. The WHOLE time, which was probably over an hour. You know how most recipes tell you how long it should take you to prep. Is it just me or are these times always a far fetch from reality?!?

This recipe told me 10 minutes prep time–lies I tell you. It took me over an hour prep time, which is definitely not quick. I also found a dairy free pie crust recipe, but in all honesty the Pioneer Woman recipe has been tried and true so I just switched out the butter for a buttery spread–super simple yet still so delicious and flaky!

So by no means is my pie crust Pioneer Woman worthy, but it’s so good. So in this case just know it may not look the best, but it tastes the best! You can get The Pioneer Woman Cooks: A Year of Holidays here, we got ours for a wedding gift and we use it OFTEN.

Here’s where I found my Yummy Dairy-Free Chicken Pot Pie recipe. I will definitely be making this one again. I didn’t have some ingredient items like mushrooms, celery, or pearl onions so I just used a bit more peas and carrots and added a bunch of chicken in there. My husband doesn’t actually like chicken pot pies so I made sure he had extra meat in there. Oh, I also used onion powder since I had no pearl onions. It all worked out.

Ya’ll I didn’t measure much out, just the flour and almond milk. I just kind of added what I thought looked good, and it turned out super yummy. There are two types of people in this cooking world–those who HAVE to measure everything out and those who shake a little here and a little there. I’m not saying since I don’t measure things out that I’m the best cook because I’m so not. I used to be that girl who measured even a teaspoon out, but I slowly let my kitchen uprightness go, and I’m so much happier. Hey, if you like your measuring technique you do you! (My husband is the measurer in our family)

Looking at this photo makes me want some more–thank goodness for left overs. This is the type of recipe you will go back for seconds for (guilty).

Go make yourself some; be happy and full! Cheers friends!

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