Young Living Savvy Minerals Makeup

You know I LOVE my essential oils, and that’s my jam–right? Like really, if you are skeptical about oils you really need to try them. If you are still like “Stefanie, I have these oils, but my mind is so frazzled because I’m confused” Well my friend, say no more. There are so many communities we are in to help you on your wellness journey (HUGE + small) that honestly helps ease any kind of worrisome feelings you may have (btw, there’s an oil to help support that).

ANYWAYS, this summer Young Living teamed up with Melissa Poepping (a Royal Crown Diamond w/ YL) who had her own clean green makeup line called Sweet Savvy Minerals….she merged with YL and now it’s called Savvy Minerals. (It’s good stuff ya’ll!)

If I’m being 100% honest here, I bought the makeup when it was released, which was in the summer when most people have more color on their skin. I bought the foundation “Cool 2” and “Cool 1”, I played with it and just felt super naked. My underlying skin tone is red, plus I’m an easy blusher (so I like full coverage)–I just feel more confident. I felt like I was applying it how they told me to, and I still wasn’t getting the results I wanted. You could say I was bummed, how am I going to encourage people to try Savvy Minerals if I, myself, don’t like it?!?!

Frustrated, I put my Savvy to the side, and bought a drugstore toxin filled foundation that gave me the coverage I wanted. Last Monday (December 18, 2017) my upline Kari Rae Lewis (RCD) has this amazing educational/giveaway group for people under her, and for people who don’t have a kit yet….it’s an amazing group, email me if you want in so we can all party together 😀 So Monday, she had a bunch of leaders in there going Live to show us all kinds of things about Savvy Minerals. ALL KINDS. It got me in all the Savvy feels, and I was ready to tackle this makeup head on–I felt ready. Literally months and months later.

The next morning I prepped my face, and I remembered this summer how the foundation color Cool 2 made me super washed out. Great I thought. I have Savvy Minerals bronzer, so I thought adding some to Cool 2 would warm it up a bit, and I’d be ready to rock and roll. I was so excited, and so happy with the application and the coverage I got this time…only one problem. It’s winter now, and I didn’t need bronzer, seriously I should have taken a photo of that because I looked a little cray-cray. Whatever it’s just makeup, and I just washed my face prepped it again and started from square one. This time ONLY using Cool 2. Ya’ll, I did it and it looked amazing (I think so). I am ready to use this makeup full time, I just need to remember that my skin is super dry, so it needs to be extremely moisturized before I get going.

I can now truthfully say I love this makeup, and I still have lots to learn about mineral makeup, which is so exciting to me. I can’t wait to stock myself up with #allthemakeup and get in my groove. There are so many green makeup companies out there that we no longer need to compromise our bodies with toxic filled mainstream garbage. Seriously, we don’t have to do it.

Savvy Minerals is free of: Talc, Bismuth, Parabens, Phthalates, Petrochemicals, Synthetic Fragrance, Synthetic Colors, Gluten, Mineral Oil, and Nano Particles.

Truly so good for your skin! Check out my Before and After, and see what I used.

  • Foundation: Cool 2
  • Blush: I Do Believe You’re Blushing
  • Bronzer: Summer Loved
  • Highlight: Diamond Dust-Veil
  • Eyeliner: Jet Setter
  • Lips: YL Lavender Lip Balm
  • Savvy Minerals Mascara
Before VS After

**NOTE: Brows + Liquid Concealer + Eyeshadow not Savvy**

SO much fun. So in leu of really loving this makeup I created a fun graphic for you all, a CUSTOM Savvy Minerals Starter Kit. You can start with all of these, or add more. That’s why this kit option is so great, you can go with this or add more–it’s perfect. I’d love to email you some more information about Young Living, and answer any questions you may have 🙂 Head HERE and shoot me an email or you can head HERE if you want to get started right away and get this amazing makeup in the mail to you ASAP. 

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