Young Living Essential Oils: Business, Wellness + Abundance

My family and I started our journey with Young Living Essential Oils on October 3, 2016—almost a year, WOW. We have learned so much in this past short year, and have tried to be more mindful of what we bring into our home, use on our bodies, and put IN our bodies! I truly believe essential oils (if you find the right company) can be the gateway into a healthy lifestyle. I read an article about how toxic scented candles and wax melts were for our health, and it blew my mind. I never though about fragrance ingredients like that, or even regularly checked the back label of the products we were buying for ourselves, and for our 8 month old baby!

I had a good friend who was talking about essential oils, and I actually had never heard about them. I went home that day and started researching, and looking through non-biased blogs reviewing some different brands, and I knocked it down to two brands— Young Living + DoTerra. So I kept searching, and what truly sold me on YL was their Seed to Seal Promise. I had a childhood friend on Instagram, and I remembered seeing some posts about oils, so I sent her a DM. She hooked me up with some great info and told me about the business opportunities (which I was interested in since I was about to become a stay at home mom).

You guys, I didn’t even know what I was getting myself into, and how blessed I was about to become. When I signed up I joined a team called the Lemon Droppers (my up-up-up-upline), which branches off to The Happy Oilers (my up-up-upline), which goes into The Refinery (my up-upline), which turns into The Rising Oilers (my upline). All these teams, especially the first 3 I listed are some of Young Livings most SUCCESSFUL teams ever—seriously EVER. People in the YL world know those groups, and try and be these groups! My upline who created The Happy Oilers got to Royal Crown Diamond (RCD) in a little over two years, and my other upline who created The Refinery got to RCD in a little over two years as well AND is the youngest woman to do so—how freaking cool. I mean check out our income potential. These are REAL numbers, made by REAL people folks. 

Oh the possibilities 🙂

The resources we are given is mind blowing, and its hard to think that other teams who aren’t in our upline and crossline don’t have the same amazing gateway to success. We are given exclusive (to our team) resource books, online classes (like so many to choose from), beautiful images to use to grow our business, and all the mentorship courses our upline provides for us—seriously, having a good upline in this business world is so helpful in becoming successful yourself. It makes life so much easier, and more enjoyable.

Fall is a great time to learn about oils, because with Fall we have weather changes and that always comes with seasonal colds, flus, and just yucky germs all around. *gasp*. YLEO are the best oils (I believe) in the world, and I am so gung-ho on them. They work! They support! They are fabulous! 

This October I am hosting an online class each Saturday in the month over on my personal essential oil page, Splash of OILS.

Here’s the month layout:

October 7: Fall + Essential Oils 101

October 14: Essential Oils 101 // Beyond the Kit

October 21: Chemistry + Essential Oils

October 28: Essential Oils 101

Be sure and click on those links–they will take you right to where you need to be, and add your family and friends too (ask first though). We don’t want anyone missing out on some fun recipes, and awesome information. All is welcome, and encouraged to come and interact. There will of course be some GIVEAWAYS–because why not?!?

So come all, and learn about these amazing health supporting oils. My health journey is still improving even after a year, and we still have a long way to go. Everyone’s journey and path are different: WHAT DOES YOUR JOURNEY LOOK LIKE? I would love to have you along my side so we can teach each other, learn from each other, and grow together.

Get started today and join a team full of support, encouragement, and love–plus all the resource goodies are a perk too 😉

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