Saturday Family Outings

We made a family trip to IKEA here in Nuremberg because we had to get Lauren a new rug. Last week, Penny had an upset tummy and took it upon herself to go poo on her white shag rug. This actually wasn’t the first time this happened and it so happens that everytime Penny has diarrhea, so does Lauren.

The time before Lauren had a huge blow out all over our living room carpet the SAME time Penny went poo on Lauren’s shag rug. That rug was $100 from target, and Lauren was still little so it was fairly new. I scrubbed so hard, and cleaned that thing so well that no one ever would have known — this time though I was NOT about to work that hard. Shag rugs look cute, but they just aren’t practical. Maybe if it was a super expensive rug I would then just pay to have it professionally cleaned, but it wasn’t so my husband and I decided to cut our ties and chuck it.

After the rug was gone Lauren’s room felt so cold, and empty. We had to get a new rug ASAP. IKEA is our go to store for so many things, but it’s about an hour or so away so we like to plan before we head out. We went straight downstairs to where the Textiles were, and we found a new comforter for Lauren’s room (it’s always good to have a spare when you have a toddler). We also grabbed that rug for Lauren’s room, and some other odd end things like some rechargeable batteries for her twinkle lights that we use for a night light — I swear, that thing eats up batteries like crazy!


Check out Lauren’s new rug and comforter!


Then, when we are all done and heading towards the check out stands, Kyle points out a couple chairs. They were both the same, but two different colors — a light grey, and a darker grey/blue. Now, a little backstory really fast before I go on. We have been searching for a glider or rocker for our new baby’s room. You would think it’s so simple, right? NO. We found one on Amazon, but they won’t ship to APO addresses. Then we decided to look on the economy and we did find ONE. We went to this furniture store in Nuremberg, and headed straight to the baby section. I saw the one I like, sat in it and it was extremely comfortable. They wanted around 300 Euro, yeah right… I kept looking around and saw 3 others. You guys, they were all the same chair but in different colors!! I was so annoyed, and so was my husband so we left and didn’t look back. I also tried the Europe Amazon site for some gliders and they got awful reviews, so there wasn’t any point in wasting any of our money. THEN, a friend sent me a link to the AAFES page (the online military post exchange). They were having a SALE on some of their gliders, and were asking $145, okay that was reasonable and we were down for that. Well, of course the only two I would have wanted were out of stock AND I called the local PX (post exchange) and they told me that if I order something offline it would take 6 months or longer! So that wasn’t an option. Basically all our options seemed to be done. I accepted it and already moved past the desire to have a rocker in the nursery.

Fast forward to today, we saw these chairs, right? I sat on one and it was perfect. My style, tall enough for me or my husband to fall asleep on if we had to, winged sides, and you could even rest your head on that, and you had the option of getting the ottoman as well — which was a no brainer. The only downfall was that it doesn’t rock. Deal breaker? No. This chair is great, and I can’t wait to put it to use. We didn’t expect to leave spending the total we did, but there was no way we could leave without it. It was “the one”.

Once we got home, we put together the chair and set Lauren up in the box the chair came in — filled it with some toys, her lovey, a pillow, a blanket, and Moana. That lasted about 10 minutes, and she wanted to help us put the chair together. (When I say “us”, I mean my husband) 🙂


Lauren’s house box!
Our beloved new chair!


Here’s another photo of our nursery facing the dresser!


Now our nursery is complete, minus some more swaddles, some cloth diaper covers, and some other small items on our registry list. The rug looks great in Lauren’s room, and the new nursery is looking awesome as well! We got to end our night eating dinner at our friend’s place to celebrate his birthday. Good food, good company, and a good time!


Lauren transporting the men’s alcoholic beverages for the night. 🙂

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