The Beginning of Our Wellness Journey

My family and I have been on a wellness journey for about a year now. Once we had our first child in February 2016, we started looking into better products to use on + around our daughter. We started using Honest cleaning products, and Honest diapers—thats basically all we used (cleaning product specific). Not truly understanding the whole toxic thing, we still used dryer sheets, wax melters, and typical laundry detergents + so much more.

My husband, Kyle was put on orders to Germany scheduled for us all to leave in December 2016. I was going to cosmetology school with 3 months until my graduation date when I had to dropout in October, and start getting ready for our big cross-country move. My friend at school started talking about essential oils, and I really had never heard of them. It definitely peaked my interest, so I went home and did some research. I found a bunch of companies, but ultimately ended up with two companies to choose from: DoTerra Essential Oils + Young Living Essential Oils. I read some non biased blogs on the comparison, and ended up wanting to choose Young Living Essential Oils. I remembered seeing an old friend on Instagram sharing about oils, so I sent her a DM and filled her with questions. Once I received my kit, I knew immediately that I wanted to do this as a business. I was becoming a stay at home mom for who knows how long, so I wanted to A) work towards a healthier lifestyle and B) bring in some income for my family.

I’m not sure if you have ever heard of “ditch and switch”, it’s basically ditching the products you buy somewhere else, and switching to Young Living products. When you’re on the business side you are spending money every month for new products—doesn’t it make sense to now buy them from one place if you can. Knowing and trusting the non toxic quality of YL, I feel awesome about ditching and switching!! So October was the month I dug deep into YL, and learned all I could and started eliminating toxins one boy one (starting with wax melters).

Once you start a wellness journey—no matter how fast or slow your journey looks like, you will learn so much that you probably didn’t know before! Like you NEED to download the Think Dirty app, its such a helper when you’re at the store, or even learning about products already in your own house. You will learn about how bad candles + wax melters really are, how dangerous the ingredient “fragrance/parfum” really is—OH and how toxic dryer sheets are!!

This wellness journey has taught us so much, and we STILL have so far to go. Knowing we are on our way to a toxic free life is a good feeling, and super motivating. I want everyone to have these amazing oils in their home, because I’ve experienced how much it’s changed our lives and I KNOW how much they will change your family’s lives.

Let’s do this whole wellness thing together, it is truly so rewarding to our bodies and our health! 🙂

2 thoughts on “The Beginning of Our Wellness Journey

  1. My sister makes her own candles with natural ingredients! It is so, so much better for her and so much fun to see the making process! I’m starting the slow swap with everything as well. Shower products, make up and foods! It is scary to think about how much toxic material is in our everyday lives!

    1. Hi Kendel! That’s so awesome to hear! A diy candle is something I’ve been wanting to make, so fun. It is so scary knowing how toxic things are that we have been using everyday for years and years! I love that when most people know better they try and do better! Good luck on your wellness journey! 🙂

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